You can earn 60,000 rupees every month by working just 4 hours in AMAZON, read how


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How to apply?
For the job of Delivery Boy, you can apply directly on Amazon’s site Apart from this, one can apply for a job by visiting any center of Amazon. In most centers, the place of delivery boy is always empty. But, even if there is no place, your name can be registered for future. You will get a place when a place is created.

Register yourself to register
for a delivery boy job in Amazon, you can register through your email ID. For this, fill the complete form properly, do not leave any information. Also read the terms of service carefully. The company asks you for background checks, do not deny it.

Will the company give you the vehicle?
If you have your own scooter and bike, then you will have to use your own vehicle for the delivery of selected products. If you want to deliver big products, then the company also provides you big vehicles on certain conditions. 

You can do the thing you like,
Delivery Delivery Boy has to deliver both at the office and at home. However, it is the delivery boy who decides which products to deliver. From small items, you can also deliver fridge, TV, AC. For this a big vehicle is required, Amazon provides big vehicles.

The company will also teach the work
, after hiring the company, the company will also give you information about how to deliver the product. Which products have to be delivered according to the timing. That means the entire training related to delivery is given by Amazon. 

Is a job permanent or a contract?
In Amazon, the delivery boy’s job is neither permanent nor contract. You can leave the job whenever you want. At the same time, the company can also remove it due to your performance.

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