Vastu dosha at home then these remedies for salt and alum will work

Nature has given us a lot in our country. Our culture teaches us to live life by connecting with nature. There are natural resources in our nature that we can use to fix our architecture. In this sequence, we talk about whole salt, rock salt and alum.

Vastu classical uses of whole salt-Whole salt is not only useful for health, but also is very effective remedy for Vastu dosha.
-If the quantity of negative energy in your house is very high, then we can wake up the positive energy of the house by adopting the inverse-anulom process with salt in our house. Pour some nuggets of whole salt in a little warm water and wipe the whole house with that water. After a while, re-wipe with cold water. Doing this two or three times will awaken positive energy in your home.
– If the condition of the toilet in the house is not good. If the toilet is in the wrong direction, place a little whole salt in a glass bowl. After two months, put it in dustbin and then put new salt. By adopting this procedure, the architectural defect of the toilet will be eliminated.
– If the electricity meter and wires in your house are not in the South-East, then put the whole salt in that area near the electricity meter.

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Use of rock salt in Vastu Shastra
Rock salt is much more useful than white salt. Regular eating of rock salt increases immunity in the body.
– If there is a Vastu defect in any corner of the house and the effect of negative energy is increased, placing a large piece of rock salt in that corner in a glass or plastic plate in that direction is very beneficial.
-Salt rock salt salt lamps are being prepared today. Hollow it inside and fit a bulb. The burning of the bulb leads to rapid influx of energy from rock salt. Burning it in the morning and evening ends the negative energy of the house.

Vastu classical use of alum There are two types of alum: white alum and pink alum. Alum is also antiseptic. It is used in many diseases. But it is also beneficial from the point of view of Vastu.

– If you do not feel like at home, do not sleep in the bedroom or have negative feeling as soon as you come home, then put some pieces of pink alum in a glass plate at that particular place. would benefit.
– If you do not like anything at the time of entering the house, then put pink alum in the glass plate behind the drawing room or main door.
– If you do not feel like in the bedroom or living room, do not sleep properly, have nightmares, then put a half-kilo piece of pink alum in a glass plate on a stool towards your bedside. Feel the difference yourself
-If your child is weak in studies or his mind does not concentrate, put a pink alum and a piece of white alum in a glass plate on his reading table or in his room. Expected benefits will start accruing.
(On the information given in this article, we do not claim that these are completely true and accurate and adopting them will give the expected result. Which has been presented keeping in mind only general public interest.)



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