Two rejected one withdrawn – Two rejected one withdrawn

Lucknow Chief Correspondent

On Tuesday, there was a chance for the Legislative Council biennial election for the Lucknow block teacher and graduate constituency. During this period, Independent candidate Poonam Singh from the block graduate constituency withdrew. Prior to this, the nomination of one candidate each from teacher and graduate constituency was rejected.

Divisional commissioner and returning officer Ranjan Kumar said that the nomination of Independent candidate Satish Kumar from Lucknow block graduate field was canceled in the scrutiny of nomination papers. He had recorded the wrong information of the proposer. Similarly, the nomination of Independent candidate Brijesh Kumar Tiwari from Lucknow Block Teacher Election was rejected due to non-filling of Part Number. Returning officer said that after withdrawal of name, there are now 24 candidates in Lucknow division graduate constituency and 11 candidates in Lucknow division teacher constituency.

Now the remaining candidates-

Lucknow Block Graduate Constituency

1 Avnish Kumar Singh, Bharatiya Janata Party

2 Brajesh Kumar Singh, Indian National Congress Party

3 Ram Singh Rana, Samajwadi Party

4 Advocate Ahmed Ansari, Nationalist Congress Party

5 Neelam Saroj, Bahujan Awam Party

6 Manish Kumar, Bharatiya Jan Jan Party

7 Ajay Kumar Srivastava, Independent

8 Avneesh Kumar Pandey, Independent

9 Ashish Kumar, Independent

10 Aijaz Ahmed, Independent

11 Kanti Kumar, Independent

12 Kanti Singh, Independent

13 Kranti Singh, Independent

14 Chandramani Singh, Independent

15 Jagjivan Singh, Independent

16 Baba Hardev Singh, Independent

17 Brij Kishore Shukla, Independent

18 Manoj Kumar Verma, Independent

19 mo Rizwan, Independent

20 Vijay Kumar Singh, Independent

21 Shravan Kumar Tripathi, Independent

22 Dr. Satyendra Kumar Pandey, Independent

23 Surendra Kumar Gautam, Independent

24 Harish Kumar Shukla, Independent

Lucknow Block Teachers Constituency

1 Uma Shankar Chaudhary, Samajwadi Party

2 Umesh Dwivedi, Bharatiya Janata Party

3 Uma Shankar Verma, Independent

4 Brijendra Narayan Khare, Independent

5 Dr. Manoj Kumar Pandey, Independent

6 Dr. Mahendra Nath Rai, Independent

7 Dr. RP Mishra, Independent

8 Rakesh Kumar Shukla, Independent

9 Shah Alam Khan, Independent

10.Sohan Lal, Independent

11 Havildar Singh Yadav, Independent



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