Trade expert’s advice to the government:India should make rapid efforts to enter into free trade agreements with EU and UK


the UK market we will gain more, as we are English speaking countries.


The FTA negotiations were having problems with the EU, the UK may have a different attitude

He said that we should strive for FTA negotiations with both the UK and the EU. India’s competitors such as Vietnam will get higher duty benefits in sectors like Apparel and Marine Goods. Bishwajit Dhar, Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), also said that the FTA negotiations with the EU were deadlocked on several issues. But after Breguit, the UK may have a different perspective on these issues. Therefore, India should again hold FTA negotiations with both regions.

FIEO advised to sign MoU for FTA with UK within a time limit

FIEO President Sharad Kumar Saraf also said that India should intensify efforts for FTA with both regions. We have requested the government to set a deadline to complete FTA negotiations with Britain by signing a MoU with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson next month when he arrives in India.

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