Today’s positive news:Leaving job, started making animal feed, first year turnover of 60 lakh rupees

  • 4 people work with Vipin, more than 3 thousand are their regular customers
  • Right now they produce 2 to 3 tons of animal food every day and then send it to the market.

Vipin Dangi, a resident of Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, belongs to a peasant family. Due to financial constraints, he used to work part time in a hospital in Indore during his studies. After completing studies, he joined full time job. The salary was fine, but did not mind the work. Vipin quit his job in 2018 and returned to the village.


He started a milk business in the village. However, he suffered in this work

There is also no company nearby that manufactures animal feeds. I thought why not try it in this sector. I started preparing animal feed in September 2019.

Vipin says that the biggest challenge was to get it to the farmers after preparing the food. For this, he created a marketing strategy. Printed a few pamphlets, then started campaigning with a speaker on a cart. This method was successful. Gradually his customers started growing. He now has more than 3 thousand regular customers in many villages around Rajgarh.

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