The secret of fat girls: thin girls will forget if you know, they will make you lucky


The secret of fat girls: thin girls will forget if you know, they will make you lucky Fat girls respect guests well. Never gives guests a chance to complain. Because fat girls treat guests like a god.


Whose wife is his big name too… hardly anyone has heard this song. This means that if you get married to a fat girl, then what are the benefits? Marriage is a very sacred bond. There is a desire in every person’s mind about marriage that the girl with whom he is married should be of a thin and beautiful waterfall. Because the youth of today’s generation believe that only thin girl is best for marriage rather than fat girl. Therefore, no boy wants to marry a fat girl. But if you get married to a thin girl, then after some time after marriage, the thin wife becomes fat, then in such a condition the wife cannot change, she will have to live with it and will have to live life. , After which the fat girl is the best for Bellow’s wedding. 4 Also read… Which horoscope will be troublesome one day before Christmas, will tell today’s horoscope 4 Clear of heart * Fat girls are clean of heart and fat girls think from the heart instead of thinking with the mind. There is no hatred towards anyone in their mind. Fat girls make everyone their own with their words. While the skinny girl thinks with the mind rather than the heart. Very loving * Fat girls always keep husband happy and love a lot. She takes care of her husband’s every need. Spends more and more time with her husband. Never resents her husband. Supports her husband in difficult times because fat girls believe everything to their husband. 4 Read this… Vastu Tips: Keep these things in mind, then Christmas will be filled with wealth Husband’s care instead of grooming Fat girls focus more on the beauty of their husbands than on grooming dreams. Because she believes that wherever her husband goes, everyone should look at her husband and praise him. While thin girls pay more attention to their grooming. Quite obedient Fat girls are very obedient, she obeys every command of her husband and in-laws. Never avoids saying them. Never talk loudly to her husband. Moti girls take full care of the health of their husbands and in-laws because fat girls are very fond of food, so they make and feed very good food every day. 4 ALSO READ… Christmas in Corona: Decorate Christmas Tree, 2020 will be memorable Simple and straight nature Fat girls are simple and straight-faced while thin girls are arrogant and angry. Thin girls get angry at talk while fat girls do not get angry about anything, because fat girls think from the heart. Fat girls respect guests well. Never gives guests a chance to complain. Because fat girls treat guests like a god. 4 Cultured and decent * Fat girls are more cultured than thin girls, so always keep your dignity in the in-laws. She considers her in-laws as parents and always respects and serves them.

Delhi Police prostitutes on Aashiqui, married girl lost to life

People vow to die living together in love and give love’s name as marriage. When love does not reach the marriage, then they end their life. Something similar was going to happen in Govind Puri, Delhi. It happened that there was a rift between the lovers and girlfriends living in Govindpuri area of ​​Delhi. Angered by this, the woman injured herself with the intention of suicide. After this, the Delhi Police got both young men and women married. The special thing is that the police have also given him a gift in the form of Kanyadaan. Now this incident is being discussed in the whole area. People are praising the police for this work. Suicide over denial of marriage According to reports, the woman wanted to marry her lover, but the relationship between the two became difficult. On October 3, PCR received calls at Govindpuri police station that a girl, Varsha Dhiman (24), injured herself with the intention of committing suicide if she refused to marry. Police found out in the investigation that Sunny and Varsha were in a relationship for the last 3 years. He later had some misunderstandings, after which the local police summoned family members of both sides and got them approved. 4 Read this…. Gautam Gulati’s entry in Bigg Boss, waiting for these contestants to come out, said this 4 Photo from social media Newly married couple bless After counseling, both parties agreed to their marriage. The wedding took place on 5 October at Arya Samaj Mandir and the newly married couple reached the police station Govindpuri to seek blessings. The newly married couple was greeted with ‘Kanyadaan’ and gifts by the police station staff. Read this… .Hathras scandal: 4 people plotting violence arrested, know about them Let me tell you that in April this year, a similar marriage took place with the help of the police. In fact, Kaushal and Pooja, a resident of Delhi-based Kalkaji, married Simpli only during the lockdown. The wedding took place in the Arya Samaj temple. Social distancing was taken care of here. Only a very few people were invited to the wedding. But when the farewell started, there was a lot of difficulty in going from there, for which the bride’s father sought help from the police. The police also understood their problems on this happy occasion and helped them. The Kalkaji SHO arranged for the police’s gypsy to bid farewell to the bride and the bride went to her in-law’s house. After this unique farewell, the bridegroom thanked the police.

If this kind of lovers get along with the law, then no one can stop the love from being free.

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