School Reopening Ground Report Update | Resuming Classes in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand Bihar | Schools will open after 6 months in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan between Corona, but 90% of parents still do not want to send children

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2 month ago

  • School management says that only after the permission of the parents will the children come to school
  • Parents are saying that studies should be done online till the corona vaccine comes.

In Unlock-4, the central government has given permission to open schools for children from 9th to 12th after about 6 months. The government said that children can go to school from September 21 for guidance. After this the state governments had to take a decision on opening of schools, but so far Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana have agreed to open schools. However, the survey showed that 70% to 90% of parents still do not want to send children to school.

Dainik Bhaskar has prepared a ground report from 9 states to know the minds of schools and parents-

1. Madhya Pradesh: Government and private schools will open partially from September 21. Classes will not be held. Students from 9th to 12th will be able to go to school for a short time with the permission of parents.

  • Sheela Raghu, principal of The Sanskar Valley School in Bhopal, Told that we are not opening schools for children from 21. We had conducted a survey in which 70 percent of the children said that we are happy with studying online. We have all the preparations for the New Normal Guidelines in school, but the children will not be called to school until the parents are ready.
  • Jayashree, director of Sagar Public School in Bhopal Kanwar Said, “We are ready to open the school, but it is not decided that it will open from September 21. Counseling and orientation of the parents first. After that they will take their consent. It will be entirely up to the parents to give the children Send to school or not. “
  • Chitra Iyer, Principal of Bhopal’s IPS Said that we have an arrangement to save from Corona, there is complete preparation. First, a consent form will be filled with the parents. Only then will the children be called to school.
  • Of indore Annie Besant School Director Mohit Yadav Told that no decision has been taken to open the school. Online classes are going well, so the children who do not understand anything will come to school. If parents want to send their children then it will be their responsibility. They must first give us their consent in writing.
  • Prerna Sharma, a mother of two, says that if she has waited so many months, she will send the children to school only after getting vaccinated.


2. Chhattisgarh: Preparations were being done in schools here, but before that, there was a lockdown in 6 cities including Raipur on Saturday. In such a situation, there is no scope to open a school at this time. On the other hand, Chhattisgarh Parents Association is in favor of sending children to school.

  • Large schools in Raipur are opposed to calling children in the current situation. Examinations will start in most schools by 28 September. At the same time, the school association says that the exam will be conducted online, but if the government opens the school, then students can be called for the exam.
  • Principal of DPS Raghunath Mukherjee says that there is no guarantee that children in school will not get the infection. KPS Principal Priyanka Tripathi says that if the school opens, then preparations will be done according to the guidelines of the government.
  • Dolly Sahu’s son, who lives in Raipur, studies in 11th. Dolly says that the son’s life cannot be put at risk. Piyush Khare, the father of two daughters, says that he will see after the vaccine comes, there is no question of sending him to school.

3. Rajasthan: Children will be able to go to school only for guidance with written permission of parents. After the central government’s SOP, the state government has also issued clear instructions.

  • Sanjay Saraswat, spokesperson of Jaipur’s Subodh Public School, says that due to online examinations, it has been decided not to open the school. New guidelines will be released by October 5. After this, there is complete preparation if you have to open a school. Children will be called on rotation basis and no more than 12 children will be seated in a class.
  • American International School director Anil Sharma said that from September 21, children will be opened for school guidance. We are currently looking at this as a trial. Arrangements have been made for the teacher of five subjects daily. The employees have been trained in sanitization. The class teacher has been trained to conduct thermal screening of students.
  • According to Sharma, state president of School Education Parivar, the largest institution of private schools, about 30 percent of the parents in urban areas want children to be sent to school. At the same time, about 70 percent of the parents in the rural areas are ready to send their children to school.

4. Gujarat: The school has been closed since March 16 in the state. Meanwhile, the state government has said that schools will be kept closed till Diwali and a decision will be taken in view of the situation ahead.

  • In spite of the center’s guidelines in Gujarat, schools from class 9 to 12 will not open from 21 September. State Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama said that schools will not open till Diwali at present, after that a review will be done.
  • The school association says that in the current situation there is also a threat to schools, so the state government has decided not to open the schools. A decision will be taken if the situation improves. Till then online studies will continue.

4. Bihar: Neither the schools nor the parents are ready to open the school. It is being said that after elections and Chhath Puja will be thought. No clear instructions have also been issued by the state government. In such a situation, schools are not opening since Monday.

  • Patna High School Principal Ravi Ranjan said that no instruction has been received to open the school. Along with the online classes, the exams are also happening online.
  • Krishna Kumar Niketan School Secretary Dr. Kumar Arunodaya says that the administration should first form a strategy by meeting with schools and parents, as the matter is related to the safety of children.
  • Vikas Majorwar, father of Srishti, a student of class 9, said that how can we send children to school when we are working fearfully in office?

5. Jharkhand: Here the state government has directed not to open the school till 30 September. Teachers with parents are not in favor of calling children to school now.

  • Principal of Delhi Public School, Ranchi, Ram Singh said that they are waiting for the state government guidelines. Sanitization, thermal screening, hand wash have been arranged in the school. Too many children are unlikely to come. However, for those children who come for clearing, a separate class will be kept.
  • The mother of one child said that she will not send the child to school right now, because the system of online study has been improved. The problems that were there have been fixed.

6. Haryana: Schools will be opened partially from September 21 as per the guidelines of the Center.

  • Panipat Savita Chaudhary, principal of K SD Vidya Mandir, said that at present there are compartment examinations in her school from 22 September to 30 September. School is getting sanitized every day. Testing is being done with a thermal scanner. Half yearly exams are still left. After this, schools will be opened in view of the situation.
  • It is also necessary to download the Arogya Setu App for teachers of government and private schools here and get the Kovid test done.

7. Chandigarh: A survey conducted by the administration has revealed that more than 75% of parents are not ready to send children to school. No clear instructions have been given by the administration to open schools here. In such a situation, there is confusion.

  • Atul Khanna, director of Strawberry Fields High School Sector-26, says that all preparations have been made. 75% of the parents do not want to send children to school, so are preparing a plan for the remaining 25%. Teachers will also be called only if they are needed. Not taking half yearly exam.
  • Renu Puri, principal of Vivek High School Sector-38, says that a survey was conducted to open the school, which revealed that 90% of the parents do not want to send children. Sanitization is being done daily in the school. Teachers and staff are comfortable with the online system, we will not call them now.

8. Uttar Pradesh: The Yogi government has not yet taken any decision on the central government guidelines. The meeting was to be held on 15 September, that did not happen. The state’s Basic Education Minister has said that as Corona cases are increasing, schools will not be opened from September 21.

  • Jagdish Gandhi, manager of City Montessori School in Lucknow Says that so far all the classes in the school are running online. Preparations have been completed for Kovid-19 in all our school branches. Online tests and studies are in progress.
  • There is no conversation with parents yet. Classes and tests are being taken online. Half yearly exams will also be done online.
  • City Montessori School spokesperson Rishi Kapoor explains As of now, no decision has been taken to open the school. Guidelines and mobile apps have been given to all teachers for conducting online studies. The teacher and the rest of the staff are work from home.

9. Maharashtra: All schools in the state will remain closed till September 30. Unlock-5 i.e. after October 1, the state government will decide. Surveys are also being conducted to know the reactions of parents.

  • Running in 14 cities of the country including Mumbai, Pune Peshwa Acharya, Chief Marketing Officer, ‘Vibgyor Group of Schools’ Said that the roadmap and SOP preparation for reopening the schools has been done. However, most of the parents want that studies should be done online till the corona drug comes in the market.
  • Acharya said that most of the parents are satisfied with the ‘virtual learning system’ introduced by the school. We are doing an informal review from class 1st to 8th. Doing online exams from 9th to 12th.


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