PM Narendra Modi President Xi Jinping join brics summit live update

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the BRICS conference on Tuesday. PM Modi, during this time, targeted Pakistan without naming terrorism as the world’s biggest problem. PM Modi said, “Terrorism is the biggest problem facing the world today. We must ensure that the countries supporting and supporting the terrorists are also blamed, and this problem is dealt with in an organized manner. ”

PM Modi shared the virtual platform for the second time in Chinese President Xi Jinping week. The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) discussed the economic recovery between the Kovid-19 epidemic. At the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, PM Modi attended the Virtual BRICS Conference on “Global Stability, Shared Security and Innovative Growth”.

Emphasizing reforms in multilateral institutions like the United Nations, World Trade Organization and World Health Organization, PM Modi said that the credibility and credibility of these institutions are being questioned. This is because they did not change over time. They are still at 75 years old thinking. There is a need to reform the Security Council of India. In this we need the support of BRICS colleagues.

PM Modi said, “We have started a comprehensive reform process under the ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign.” This campaign is based on the belief that self-reliant India can be a force multiplier for the global economy after the Kovid-19 epidemic and make a strong contribution to global value chains. We also saw an example during COVID, when we were able to deliver essential medicines to more than 150 countries due to the capability of the Indian pharma industry. Our vaccine production and delivery capacity will also serve the benefit of humanity.



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