One Brahmin one Mahadalit 2 Yadavs 2 Bhumihars know caste equation of Nitish Kumar cabinet

Nitish Kumar was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the seventh time today after getting an absolute majority in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. Along with him two Deputy Chief Ministers and 12 ministers were also administered the oath of office and secrecy by Governor Fagu Chauhan. In Bihar politics, most decisions are taken keeping caste in mind. This has also been taken into consideration in the cabinet of the NDA government.

If we look at the caste of ministers who took oath today, a Brahmin, two Bhumihars, two Yadavs and a Mahadalit have been included in the Nitish cabinet. Apart from this, other castes have also been given place. Apart from BJP and JDU, HAM has made Santosh Manjhi a minister, who comes from the Mushar caste. At the same time, Mukesh Sahni, who took the oath of minister, calls himself ‘Son of Mallah’.

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The BJP, once called the Brahmin and Banee’s party, has given Mangal Pandey a place in the Cabinech as a Brahmin. Mangal Pandey, considered close to Sushil Modi, was also a minister in the previous government. Let us tell you that the BJP had to face the displeasure of the Brahmins in the ticket distribution of the assembly elections. Finally, Murari Mohan Jha was fielded by the BJP to withdraw the seat from the VIP seat in Darbhanga to Kevati to handle the situation. However, the party gave tickets to Nitish Mishra and Vinod Narayan Jha in Madhubani.

Maithil Brahmins have not got place in Nitish’s cabinet
In today’s swearing-in ceremony, three ministers from Darbhanga and Madhubani have been included in the Nitish cabinet, but the Brahmin face is missing. If you look at the political history and voting pattern of Mithila, BJP-JDU has got the support of Brahmins in Mithila. The previous government consisted of two Brahmin ministers from this area.

Ethnic equation of Bihar cabinet:

1. Nitish Kumar: Chief Minister, JDU (Kurmi)
2. Tarkishore Prasad: Deputy CM, BJP (Kalwar)
3. Renu Devi: Deputy CM, BJP (Nonia)
4. Vijendra Yadav: Minister, JDU (Yadav)
5. Mevalal Chaudhary: Minister, JDU (Koeri)
6. Ashok Chaudhary: Minister, JDU (Passi)
7. Vijay Chaudhary: Minister, JDU (Bhumihar)
8. Sheela Kumari: Minister, JDU (Dhanuk)
9. Santosh Kumar Suman: Minister, we (Musahar)
10. Mukesh Sahni: Minister, VIP (Sailor)
11. Mangal Pandey: Minister, BJP (Brahmin)
12. Amarendra Pratap: Minister, BJP (Rajput)
13. Rampreet Paswan: Minister, BJP (Paswan)
14. Jeevesh Kumar: Minister, BJP (Bhumihar)
15. Ram Sundar Kumar: Minister, BJP (Yadav)

After winning the Assembly elections in Bihar in 2020, the new NDA government has been formed today. Nitish Kumar has sworn in as Chief Minister for the seventh time. Governor Fagu Chauhan administered him the oath of office and secrecy. He was followed by Tarkishore Prasad and Renu Devi of BJP. A total of 14 ministers have been sworn in. 5 ministers are made up of JDU quota and seven ministers belong to BJP. We and VIP have got 1-1 posts. Union Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah of the Narendra Modi-led Union Cabinet and BJP National President JP Nadda also reached Raj Bhavan in the swearing-in ceremony. Tejashwi Yadav, while congratulating Nitish, taunted him and called him the nominated Chief Minister.


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