Not difficult to get rid of social media addiction know what measures should be taken to quit social media addiction

Social media is like a two-edged sword. While on the one hand, it keeps away the feeling of loneliness and restlessness by giving an opportunity to be connected with loved ones. On the other hand, due to cyber bullying and tendency to compare with the lives of others, its use can become a cause of depression.

In view of this, researchers at Harvard Medical School have suggested some measures that would be effective in ensuring only positive effects of social media use on mental health. Among these, taking a break from Facebook-WhatsApp and entangling the mind in other tasks is prominent.

That’s why bad
-Social media may give an opportunity to connect with friends and relatives, but the two sides do not have face-to-face communication, which is necessary for emotional engagement.
Due to comparison with the standard of living and well-being of others, the loss of confidence is possible, the stress of the user, restlessness and depression also increases the risk of becoming a victim.
Various studies found increased risk of diabetes due to lack of physical activity in people who spent hours sticking to sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

Do not take these symptoms lightly
1. Happiness missing

-Social sites are a happy way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. If you do not feel happy in using Facebook-WhatsApp or start getting virtual relationships, then it is time to distance them.

2. Comparing others
-Distance of dissatisfaction about self-looks, height and happiness-achievements while watching the posts of friends-relatives is not right. It is good to take a break if negative feelings emerge in your mind after using social media.

3. Useless
Many times, a person keeps searching his newsfeed unnecessarily day and night. Along with knowing the movement of the country and the world, he has a desire to keep up with the events happening in the lives of friends and relatives. This tendency leads to a decrease in physical activity.

4. Cite for night use
– Not sleeping without looking at Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram account also shows the need to avoid social media. The main reason is to inhibit the production of the sleep hormone ‘melatonin’ due to exposure to blue light emitted from the screen.

5. Not tolerating wages
Many times users are unable to tolerate even a moment’s distance from social media. They have the illusion of ringing the notification ring of the phone every moment. When they do not find the phone, they start to wonder a little. If you too go through this situation, it is wise to distance yourself from the social site.

These measures will give a break
1. Turn off the notification alert
– When notifications related to getting ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ are received on a post, then the secretion of ‘Dopamine’ in the user’s body increases. This hormone is effective in awakening the feel of ‘feel good’, which can promote social media addiction.

2. Take time to be happy
-Facebook-instagram account If you want to search, then instead of picking up the phone, try to indulge the mind in some heart-warming activity. Get out for a walk with the family. Cook a favorite dish or take a walk in the park.

3. Set usage time
– Identify the difference between such posts, which lead to feelings of feel good and negative feelings. It is good to immediately move forward as soon as you see a negative post. Apart from this, it is also necessary to determine the time of use of social media.

4. Keep the phone out of reach
-Sleep at night by keeping the phone away from the bed, so that it is not achieved immediately when a call of social media is made. If possible, put the phone on ‘silent mode’. This will not alert the notification to come and will not create a desire to check it.

5. Get help from the app
-Social Fever, Offtime, Moment, Stay Free, Stay Focussed, Freedom, Space smartphone apps not only monitor the usage period of sites like Facebook-WhatsApp, but also issue distance alerts to them when using more. .



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