MPBSE Board Class 9th to 12th Syllabus Cut Update from Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education | Around 30% reduction in the tenth-twelfth course; Keeping in mind the competitive examinations, units were reduced instead of subject

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Bhopal9 minutes ago

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Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has cut the syllabus of the tenth-twelfth for the academic session 2020-21 due to corona.

  • 9th and 11th syllabus will be uploaded in 2-3 days

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has cut the syllabus of Class X to XII for the academic session 2020-21. It has been around 30%. In this, the unit has been reduced keeping competitive examinations in mind. The syllabus, which was mainly taught in 9th-11th, has been removed in tenth-twelfth. The deducted syllabus has been uploaded in the website. This deduction will remain for this session.

Schools have not been opened yet due to Corona in Madhya Pradesh. Two months ago, schools from 9th to 12th were partially allowed to open, but the studies have not been completed yet. Although public education has been claiming to be online, but the field level students have not been able to study.

Here, the Board of Secondary Education has started submitting the exam forms for the year 2020-21 10th and 12th. Mandal has cut the syllabus in view of the loss of studies in the Corona period. Unit cuts have been made subject wise. In this, the syllabus taught in 9th has been removed in the tenth, while the units of some syllabus studied in the 11th have been removed in the subjects of twelfth. The syllabus cuts have also been made keeping in mind the competitive examination.

Thus different from cbse

Mashiman has reduced the unit, moving away from CBSE. CBSE removed some topics in the unit in July itself. Mandal has reduced it to a unit instead of the opposite subject. Subjects that students have studied through online classes have not been removed. The reduction in syllabus of class X is almost up to thirty per cent according to CBSE. CBSE has removed some points in the subject unit in the syllabus. Due to which students are confused. While Mandal has removed the subject unit.

Syllabus of 9th-11th will be uploaded later

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has cut syllabus from 9th to 12th. The syllabus of the twelfth was first uploaded by the board on the website. The tenth syllabus was then uploaded. After both these classes, the syllabus of 9th-11th will be uploaded. In two-three days, Mandal will upload syllabus of all classes.


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