Mangal Ka Rashi Parivartan 14 November 2020 on Diwali Today Mangal Ka Meen Rashi Me Gochar Mars Transit Effect

November 2020 is considered very special in Vedic astrology. Because around 7 o’clock in the evening of Diwali, Mars are getting lit in Pisces. That is, we will start walking straight. The zodiac sign of Mars is considered very important on Diwali. According to astrologers, the coincidence of Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury and Venus on Deepavali is made after 32 years. Before this such coincidence was formed on 9 November 1988. Some zodiac signs may get positive results from the zodiac sign of Mars, while some zodiac signs may get negative results. In astrology, Mars is considered a symbol of courage. After transiting Mars in Pisces on 14 November, it will remain in this zodiac till 23 December 2020. After this, on December 24, Mars will transit his own house in Aries. Know which zodiac signs will be affected by this zodiac change-

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1. Aries- On this zodiac, the sight of Mercury and Sun is increasing in Kosh. In such a situation, you may face mental stress at the beginning of the week. Will be the sum of the receipt of stopped money. Material happiness can also be found.

2. Leo- In the week of November 9 to November 15, your wishes and desires can be fulfilled. Do not expect anything from friends and relatives. With the increase in income in livelihood employment, earnings will also increase.

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3. Sagittarius Jupiter lord Jupiter of the natives of this zodiac will give auspicious results. The mind will be happy as interest in auspicious works increases. Income of the people of this amount can also increase.

4. Aquarius– Your efforts will be successful in the field. Spending will increase though it will not affect you much. There are signs of victory over enemies.

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5. Pisces Between 9 November and 15 November, due to spouse, you may get lucky. Due to which amenities can increase. You can also get a chance to get a boost in employment.

6. Taurus During this transit, the natives of this zodiac can get auspicious results. Business and job seekers can make economic gains.

7. Scorpio The natives of this zodiac sign can benefit financially. With this, it is beneficial for the natives to have Mars.


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