Indian veteran Rahul Dravid wants to join T20 cricket in Olympics

Former Indian captain Rahul Dravid has advocated the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics. Dravid said in a virtual seminar held on Friday for the launch of the book ‘A New Innings’ that cricket should be included in the Olympics, it would be good for the game. Cricket has not been part of the Olympics since 1900. However, for some time, there has been an equal demand that cricket should be included in the Olympics.

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Dravid, Director of Cricket Operations at the National Cricket Academy, said that many challenges will come up to include cricket in the Olympics but this will expand the game. He suggested that cricket should be tried to be included in the Olympics. He said that it would be very good for the game that the T20 format be a part of the Olympics.

Dravid said that cricket is played in many countries and he wants this format to be further expanded. Cricket was last played at the 1900 Paris Olympics. The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently asked its members to prepare a report on the benefits of including cricket in the Olympics.

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