From these lines of hands understand the signs of crime in life

Handwriting science answers a lot of questions, pacifying the curiosity of individuals. The palmistry expert can accurately analyze the hand lines and describe the problems encountered. In this sequence, we are talking about crime. By looking at the nature of palmistry, it can be ascertained whether the person will be involved in any criminal act in future. For this, the texture of fingers and thumbs is seen. If the skin of both the palms of the hand is rough, the fingers point forward, the flat thumb and the brain line goes down in the middle of the palm, or try to meet the rising heart line or get it mentally deranged And the culprit is of nature. A person with the sum of such a line gets furious with time. However, it is important to assess the position of Saturn and Mars in the hands of such a person.

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If the brain line or any branch comes out of the sun line and meets the heart line, then such a person gets involved in a criminal act at the age of 25 years. At this age, the person also commits a crime. If the brain line comes between the sun and Saturn mountain and meets the heart line, then at the age of 30, he gets involved in a criminal act. Crosses, traps and black spots on Mars, Saturn and Chandra Parvat in hand are also indicative of criminal tendency. According to palmistry, the heavily bent downward brain line indicates depression and a tendency to suicide.
(On the information given in this article, we do not claim that these are completely true and accurate and adopting them will give the expected results. These have been presented keeping only general public interest in mind.)


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