COVID-19: Delhi sees 1 lakh new cases 1200 deaths 94000 recoveries since Nov 1

More than one lakh new cases of corona virus were reported in Delhi from November 1 to November 16 and around 1,200 infected died, while around 94,000 patients managed to recover from the infection during this period. This information was given in the official data released on Tuesday.

There has been a sudden increase in the corona virus cases since October 28 in the capital. For the first time that day, the number of daily cases of infection exceeded 5,000 and on 11 November the number of daily cases exceeded 8,000. 104 people died of infection in Delhi on November 12, which is the highest number of deaths in one day from infection in more than five months.

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According to Health Department data, 1,01,070 cases of corona virus have been reported in the capital so far this month. As many as 1,202 infected died in Delhi from November 1 to 16, while 93,885 patients have recovered.

There were 5,664 cases of infection in Delhi on 1 November which increased to 8,593 on 11 November. This is the highest number of cases of infection in a day till date.

The national capital saw 7,053 cases on 12 November, 7,802 on 13 November, 7,340 on 14 November, 3,235 on 15 November and 3,797 on 16 November. Between 11 and 16 November, there were 85, 104, 91, 96, 95 and 99 cases of death due to daily infection in Delhi.

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