Best Trading Apps in India: – Online Mobile Trading Android Apps

In this article, we have some online stock trading app ( Online Share Trading Apps standing on the top 10 positions, according to talk about) which user reviews and ratings.

Therefore, according to our analysis, the following list apps fall under the ” Best Stock Trading Apps for Beginners in India ” category.

Below, I have listed the best mobile app for business in India.

List of Best Online Share Trading Apps in India: – India’s Best Share Trading Apps List

1. 5 Paisa Mobile App
2. Fires Market
3. Zerodha Kite Mobile App
4. IIFL Markets
5. Kotak Stock Trader
6. Upstox pro
7. Motilal Oswal Mobile Trading App
8. Edelweiss broking

In the recent 3-4 years , mobile trading has achieved astonishing heights in terms of coverage and usage. NSE According to a report, the mobile trading from 2014 2015 to 50,800 crore from Rs 116,800 crore to 130% with increasing the number to be alarming about doubling increase over mobile trading to 0.2018 Huh.

This is why most leading and upcoming stock broking houses are launching their stock market apps in a hurry. More than convenience, it has now become the basic expectation of potential trading customers.

Recently, we have done a search on the best mobile trading apps in India. This search includes:

  • Information from active customers of various stockbrokers in terms of easy  usage speed of app , trading experience and usability of the app
  • Number of apps installed from Android and iOS Play Store
  • User rating
  • App Features

Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, the top 6 mobile trading apps in India are:

5 Paisa Mobile App

The 5 Paisa mobile app is one of the best performing stock market apps in India when it comes to apps performance, order execution speed and user experience . 

With these mobile apps, you can also invest in insurance in many segments such as  mutual funds . This means that the facilities offered by this app are very wide.

Fires Market

Fires is one of the stockbrokers in India, which has been focusing more on technology and providing good experience to the customers through its platforms. There is no shortage of his mobile apps and he is consistently doing well on many levels.

The best part is that Fires is one of the shortest companies within the discount broking space, but when it comes to the technology and performance of trading platforms, they are already considered one of the best.

Zerodha Kite Mobile App

Zerodha Kite is a mobile app recently launched by Zerodha Kai, one of the top discount brokers in the country. The app is known for its interactive user experience and ease of use. Some of the features that come with the app are:

  • Real-time detailed market news with provision for multiple market watch
  • Developed technical charts with over 100 indicators for rapid analysis with 6 different types of charts and 19 drawing tools .
  • Smart search box that instantly searches hundreds of thousands of instruments and contracts in exchanges

IIFL Markets

IIFL Market was one of the mobile trading apps that received the most positive responses from users in our search. This mobile app was launched by financial services veteran India Infoline .

IIFL Markets was one of the mobile trading apps that received the most positive feedback from users in our search. This mobile app was launched by financial services specialist IIIFL.

Kotak Stock Trader

Kotak Securities has tied up feeds / news with Times of India, Money Control and Economic Times, which shows its customers in mobile apps based on their preference. Some other distinctive features of Kotak Share Market Apps are:

Upstox pro

The Upstox Pro Mobile App by Upstox (or RKSV), a leading discount broker – is one of the most developed trading platforms.

Some special features of the app are:

  • Different types of charts such as candlesticks charts with various drawing tools that users can directly use and customize according to their analysis
  • Historical data available for last 10 years
  • Alerts and notifications of available stock prices according to user settings

Motilal Oswal Mobile Trading App

This mobile trading app is gaining traction over time from Motilal Oswal’s full-service stockbroking house. Brokers have set up separate trading apps for investors and investors respectively.

Edelweiss broking

It is one of the highest rated mobile trading apps on the Google play store and has also been liked by users who install the app. 

However, to make it among the top apps in the country, the app needs to bring in features for its experienced set of investors.

Mobile Applications With large innovations and disruptions, mobile trading will last a long time due to the deep penetration of smart phones in India’s second, third and fourth tier cities. 

Thus, stock broking companies will continue to have opportunities to expand and grow and to ensure that, they will continue to bring changes within the mobile space regularly.

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