50,000 rupees per month interest, start investing today


new Delhi. Government has stopped pension of government employees. This pension has been closed to those employees who have been recruiting since 2004. In such a situation, everyone is worried about how their life will be cut after retirement. If the income of such employees is not good then they will have to face problems. At the same time, this situation is for those who work in private companies from the beginning. In such a situation, it is necessary to make some investment, and arrange for an interest of at least Rs 50,000 a month. If you invest some money every month, then it is quite easy to get 50,000 rupees as interest. If you are interested in this investment plan, then let us know how much money you have to deposit every month and for how many years.

Banks’ interest rates are coming down

The interest rates of banks are decreasing rapidly nowadays. In such a situation, if you want to get interest of Rs 50,000 a month, then you should have a lot of money. Generally, interest rates of most banks have come down to around 5 per cent. In such a situation, if you have Rs 1.20 crore, then you can get an interest of 50 thousand rupees a month. Experts say that interest rates have come down significantly, there is no scope for much reduction in them. But the real question is how to build this fund of Rs 1.20 crore. Although this amount is sounding over hearing, but if you are willing to invest Rs 3500 every month, then this amount can be collected. Let us know how.

Start investing at Rs 3500

If you want to have your own fund of Rs 1.20 crore at the time of retirement, then you have to start investing Rs 3500 per month every month as soon as you get a job. If you invest Rs 3500 a month in a good mutual fund scheme for 30 years, then you will have a fund of Rs 1.20 crore after 30 years. Let us know where to invest this.

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